Company History

Built on a Foundation of Experience and Expertise.

The Skyline Advisors’ name was inspired by the Skyline Divide trail in the North Cascades where a summer hiker can find beautiful mountain vistas and unending wildflower fields. This challenging but rewarding journey up the mountain inspired us to have a company name that invokes the desire that we all have — to walk a life path that leads towards beauty and wonder.

Find out more about this hike on the Washington Trails Association website.

Skyline Advisors was formed with the goal of having a team of professionals working together on behalf of our clients, where we all leverage our personal experience and expertise so that we can support each other in our own journey to help our clients and live fulfilling lives.

Skyline Advisors is the result of the combination of two Registered Investment Advisory practices, Bay City Financial Services and Fairhaven Financial Advisors.

Bay City Financial Services was started in the 1990s by Jerry Wallace and Mark Wallace joined in 1998. As an early adopter of the Registered Investment Advisory company model, they built a business where the focus is on relationships and providing objective advice. Fairhaven Financial Advisors began operations in 2012 after Bill Unrein, Deka Wiebusch and Mark Logan left Morgan Stanley (previously Smith Barney) to form an independent advisory practice.

Journey with us up the mountain!