Sustainable Investing is an investment discipline that considers environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues when selecting investments for a portfolio.

Skyline Advisors believes that your investments can have a positive impact on our environment and on a wide range of social issues while achieving competitive long-term performance goals. One does not need to exclude the other.

  • Skyline Advisors donates to local charities.
  • Our employees are active in community projects and non-profit events.
  • Skyline Advisors is a member of Sustainable Connections, a local non-profit that works to “Educate, connect and promote local business to build strong communities.”
  • We offer Investment Portfolios that Align Your Values with Your Money.

A vital community requires thriving business and promotes good stewardship of our resources. Our money has an impact and an increasing number of investors integrate sustainable practices into their investment portfolios as part of their financial plan.

Skyline Advisors can help you align your values with your money

Our portfolio principles and investment philosophy are used to create investment portfolios that are diversified and allocated prudently according to your financial profile and goals.

Our Advisors work as a Team to build diversified, robust portfolios that integrate socially and environmentally responsible investing with your financial goals.

These portfolios can include the following:

  • Impact Investing.
    Seeking investment opportunities that can produce social or environmental benefits.  This often focuses on community development and other targeted local projects. An example of Impact Investing would be to provide lending for low-income housing.
  • Thematic Investing.
    Investing along themes such as alternative energy, religious values, fossil fuel divestment and others. An example would be a portfolio that evaluates the carbon footprint of its holdings and targets fossil fuel divestment.
  • ESG Investing.
    Selecting for companies that exhibit leadership in environmental policies, corporate culture, minority participation and in other societal areas, whether on an absolute basis, or relative to their peers. An example would be a fund that maximizes exposure to positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and minimizes exposure to companies that have low ESG ratings.

Skyline Advisors may utilize mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and access unique fixed income notes called Calvert Foundation Community Investment Notes which allows for investment in a portfolio of nonprofits, social enterprises, microfinance institutions and other high-impact organizations.

Why Are So Many People Engaging in ESG Investing Today?

The rise of the Internet and social media have opened the eyes of many people to how much their individual actions impact the world. As such, a growing number of investors have shifted their focus to ensuring every dollar they invest yields not only a positive impact to their portfolio, but also a variety of social and ecological issues. Partnering with a socially responsible investment company such as Skyline Advisors enables you to maximize the benefits as a single investor and as a member of your community.

When choosing us to be your socially responsible investing advisors, you can participate in the markets with confidence. Not only does ESG investing still generate competitive investment returns, but it also can be less volatile and reduce your overall risk. At the same time, you can feel better about the role your investments are playing beyond simply bringing you profits. Companies that have strong ESG initiatives also tend to be better choices because they demonstrate an understanding that their relationships with shareholders matter.

As your impact investing firm, we provide you with high-touch, personalized service. Our philosophy is built on the Fiduciary standard, so you can be certain that we will do everything we can to help you reach your goals.

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