Prepare, Plan, and Adjust for Life after Work

Skyline Advisors is personal and professional, aligned with your values, accessible and approachable, and works diligently on behalf of your life goals.  We provide ongoing comprehensive financial planning and investment management as Fiduciary advisors.

Skyline Divide Hike -the inspiration for our company name

Our best work is accomplished for people who are:

Retirees or close to it

We specialize in helping people who are retired or are close to being retired and have built a nest egg of at least $500,000 to invest at Skyline Advisors.

Young professionals

We serve young professionals who have high income and are abundant savers and have accumulated $250,000 to invest at Skyline Advisors.

Life transitions

Many of our clients have had a difficult life transition such as a divorce or are widowed and want a trusted and gracious advisor to help.

Our clients are collaborators and want a relationship, not a transaction. They participate in our process, are willing to delegate and receive advice, and who are genuinely good people!

People hire us for many reasons, but here are a few:

  • Wants to retire, but has not made a Plan
  • Has started a high paying job and is rapidly building up cash and needs help with investments
  • Has retired, but needs help with navigating retirement income, withdrawals, taxes, estate, long-term care, and all the other myriad of opportunities and pitfalls in retirement
  • Needs tax planning to reduce taxes and to be informed about tax choices
  • Has too much cash in the bank and needs to put it to work
  • Has been too aggressive with their investments and wants to reduce risk
  • Needs help providing assurance and security after the loss of a loved one
  • To delegate the worry of markets to a professional
  • To save them time and the stress of investing themselves
  • For objective wisdom and to make the complex simple
  • To manage and take co-responsibility for a new inheritance
  • Have left your employer and don’t want to leave your workplace retirement account behind
  • If you have accumulated wealth above the Washington State estate tax exclusion amount ($2,193,000 as of 2023).
  • To select a trusted advisor for your spouse in the event of your incapacity or death
  • You sold a business or investment property, but don’t know what to do next
  • To meet with an approachable and helpful advisor in-person


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